How to reuse your wardrobe like Mary

Years ago when I started 'Style of Mary' I spend a lot of time sharing pictures of when and where the Crown Princess had worn her clothes, accessories etc. before, in case of reused pieces. It is something I have not been doing for years. With the rather limited range of pictures available, I have had a hard time making these posts. Now, I faced the challenge and this is what I ended up with. Crown Princess Mary is by no doubt my biggest source of inspiration, also when it comes to how to reuse clothes and accessories even down to hairstyles and makeup. So, meanwhile the Crown Prince couple and all four children enjoy their vacation at Gråsten castle, here, I think time is up for you to get inspired by the Crown Princess and her reuse outfits.

Summer at Gråsten castle

June 29th
When the Crown Princess attended the opening of CPH Garden in Copenhagen, here, I discovered that there are no more events are scheduled in her calendar for the next month. I was then wondering if the couple were going on vacation with the children and I was right. Three days ago the royal house published a photo of Princess Isabella with a caption telling that she was enjoying a ride with her mother in the forest close to Gråsten castle. The photo is taken by the Crown Princess. So, apparently the Crown Prince couple enjoy some time at Gråsten these days.

July 2nd
The day before yesterday, the Crown Prince family welcomed a new member to the family: a border collie called Grace. The sweetest little puppy. Grace is related to the family's first dog, Ziggy. And what a great time a year to welcome a little puppy into the family; while all children are home and they are staying at Gråsten castle on vacation. On this occasions a couple of pictures have been shared on Instagram taken by the Crown Princess herself. Welcome little Grace, you have already won our hearts.

July 15th
Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were spotted in the streets of Gråsten along with all four children, here. The Crown Prince family watched the annual procession of riders where more than 300 participated.
The Crown Princess was dressed in one of her old white blouses from Athé by Vanessa Bruno, here, and a pair of brand new printed trousers. From what I see, she is wearing brown sandals, a couple of bracelets from, among others, Dulong Fine Jewelry and her red Prada shades. Kate identified her new brown leather sandals as Hermés, here. A great look for the Danish summer weather.

July 16th
The Crown Prince couple and their four children are spending their vacation at Gråsten castle this year along with the new little puppy Grace and Queen Margrethe. Today all of them, except from Grace, greeted the Gråsten Ring Riding Association parade in the streets of Gråsten. All the riders had flowers and small gifts for the royal family which were received with gratitude. Even though it was pouring down with rain they all seemed to have a great morning, here, here, here, here, here, here.

Crown Princess Mary embrace a chic summer style, unfortunately covered by a black raincoat from 66 North (which could be this here). She attended the event in Gråsten dressed in a brand new maxi skirt identified by Pernille as See By Chloé, here, a white blouse and what I believe is her brown Hugo Boss leather belt. Pretty sure I am not the only one who would love to have seen this outfit without the coat, right? After a closer look I noticed that she was also wearing a couple of golden jewellery -Dulong Fine Jewelry earrings, here, and a bracelet, a Orit Elhanati necklace, here, and a diamond ring from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here.  


For a moment I will bring you back to 2008, more specifically June 17th 2008. Why's that? Let me explain why. For quite some time I have had the idea to make posts showing Mary's old outfits, because I know how much you love looking at her previous outfits and I love to share them with you. That's when I decided a series of #FashionFlashback's are what we need. This is why June 17th 2008 become important because this is the date I want to bring you back to in my very first #FashionFlashback-post. I haven't really decided yet how often I'm going to do these posts, but it also depend on how much you like (or dislike) them. Of course I hope you will find it amusing and fun to relive some of Mary's very best outfit from her 13 years as Crown Princess.

So, let me bring you back to June 17th 2008 where the Crown Prince couple visited Haderslev, as beginning of their tour around Denmark along with the royal yacht Dannebrog. This tradition is "inherited" from Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, and even further back in time to King Frederik and Queen Ingrid. Actually, this is the first time I got the chance to see the Crown Prince couple myself. I was a huge experience! Maybe it is also a reason why I adore her outfit so much. The Crown Princess stunned in a dreamy white Prada dress with a wonderful silhouette. We have seen her wear the dress several times before and after, but this day is just special to me. Love how she matched it with a dusty pink jacket and a hat in the exact same colours from Susanne Juul. Her Miu Miu pumps, which features a bow, makes the outfit complete as the white pearl jewellery does. A beautiful look and I wonder why we haven't seen this combo again? Sometimes I miss these romantic and feminine outfits. Below I have collected pictures of when the Crown Princess has worn these pieces at previous occasions. Now, enough with all the talking. Enjoy the nine year old, beautiful pictures of Frederik and Mary visiting Haderslev!

Meeting at Amalienborg

Friday, June 9th

Crown Princess Mary hosted a meeting with Molly Melching, CEO of Tostan which took place at Frederik VIIIs palace, Amalienborg. The meeting focused on Tostan's work to change social norms. The organization works with education and training to help local communities in Africa, among others to create a sustainable development based on human rights. The meeting took place about two weeks ago but somehow I forgot all about it.

At the meeting Mary was beautifully dressed in one of her old Hugo Boss pencil skirts, seen years ago, here. Think it's so lovely we get to see her in a bit more colourful outfits. I still have no idea where to find her new exotic printed blouse, but I really hope she will wear it again one day. I don't know many who would have the guts to wear anything like this at a meeting, but few is like Mary. She accessories her outfit with golden earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry and I guess she was also wearing the Orit Elhanati necklace, but it's difficult to see. A splendid look!

Skirt: Hugo Boss
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Esme Earrings with Diamonds