Day 2: International Conference on Population and Development, New York

Monday, September 28th

Crown Princess Mary attend activities in New York these days with the UN's General Assembly Special Session on International Conference on Population and Development - ICPD.

  • 10:00 am. Crown Princess Mary attended a meeting with the High Level Task Force (HLTF) on the International Conference on Population and Development. HLTF aims to promote and ensure women's and girls' sexual and reproductive health and rights in the new 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development. 

On the second day in New York Mary participated in a meeting with the High-Level Task Force (abbreviated to HLTF,) on the International Conference on Population and Development that lasted all day. Mary joined High Level Task Force at the establishment back in 2012. HLTF aims to promote and ensure women's and girls' sexual and reproductive health and rights in the new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which also was the agenda on September 28th in New York during the conference. Besides this, I have only been able to find very little from her day with HLTF instead I decided to talk a little about her role as a task force member and humanitarian fieldwork general. 

As I just told you Mary became a member of High-Level Task Force for the International Conference o Population and Development in 2012 when the organization was established. The last seven years she has active in creating awareness on maternal health such as child mortality and girls' and women's sexual and reproductive health and rights. Her passionated work has led her to become an important spokeswoman on health, empowerment and rights issues. Besides being a task force member she serves as patron of several international organizations and foundations such as World Health Organization (WHO)- Regional Office for Europe, Maternal Worldwide and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). She is also selected as one of the Young Global Leaders in 2012 by the World Economic Forum. She frequently specks at national and international conferences like she did yesterday. This beautifully is Mary represented on the High-Level Task Force for ICPD

At the day meeting with HLTF Mary was dressed in a plain white peplum featuring 3/4 sleeves paired with black trousers and what I think is her black SAND Copenhagen pumps. I was finally able to identify the new peplum which features leather details in the waist! It is from HUGO by Hugo Boss. Stylish but relaxed, a perfect outfit to a women on the go. I'm pretty sure she might have worn a few  more accessories than her Orit Elhanati necklace maybe a pair of earrings or so but by looking at one two photo from a long distance it's hard to tell which.

Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace DKK 10,300
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen?

Day 1: International Conference on Population and Development, New York

Saturday, September 27th

Crown Princess Mary participates in activities related to the UN's General Assembly Special Session on International Conference on Population and Development - ICPD in New York. She will stay in New York for three days, from September 27 to 29.

  • 8:45 am. The Crown Princess attended the Global Leaders' meeting on Achieving Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment. 
  • 11:20 am. Visiting the North Nordic Food Festival during what's called Denmark Day the Crown Princess met Claus Meyer, a Danish cook.
  • 13:30 pm. Crown Princess Mary attended the #Generation2030: Torchbearers for SDB's, focusing on young people's role in the implementation of the new world goal. Here she held the opening speech.
  • 5:00 pm. The Crown Princess attended the event Mobile Innovations for Maternal Health invented by the Danish organization Maternal Foundation. She held the opening speech. 

A little before 9 a clock the Danish Prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen and Mary took part in a short meeting. Afterwards she went on the the next meeting with the Global Leaders' on Achieving Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment. These two are only a few meetings Mary will attend  within the next three days of conference in New York. Mary is present because of her commitment to improve women's and girls' rights and gender equality including the fact of her membership of the High Level Task Force for the International Conference on Population and Development. The meeting is based on the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Program of Action of the Fourth World Congress on Women in 1995, which aims to get leaders to reaffirm the countries' political commitment and determination to achieve the objectives of women's and girls' rights. In a rather new interview with Crown Prince Frederik in the latest issue of Billed-Bladet where he also talked about Mary and her work with women's and girls' rights. Here I noticed one thing he said: his wife is demand in the higher circles of the UN-system. Her impressive achieved results are seen by members of global organizations who want her attention to their projects. He also mentions another thing that Mary, long time before he met her, she was just like this. Dedicated to helping others in the exact same way as she is doing today with her title as Crown Princess which might have helped to achieved her goals. After her presence at the Global Leaders' meeting, it all became a bit less seriously because she attend the North Nordic Food Festival on the Denmark Day where she met the famous Danish chef Claus Mayer. He is about to open his own Nordic Food Hall at Grand Central Terminal in New York in 2016.

I noticed both Queen Máxima of Netherlands and Prince Albert of Monaco attending meetings as well.

Beautifully Mary was dressed in her paisley skirt from JOSEPH with a white silk crepe blouse as we saw when she handed over the best CSR Reporting 2015 on September 7th a few weeks ago. I suggested that her blouse might be from Baum und Pferdgarten, I asked them and they told me that  Baum und Pferdgarten isn't the designer of the blouse. So we still need to find out where it's from. Let the search begin! She accessorized her first-day-outfit with a creamy wool scarf identified by Else-Marie (thank you so much!) as C More than Cashmere, jewellery from Marianne Dulong, a new Naledi Copenhagen clutch and her Gianvito Rossi pumps. At the arrival she wore her Prada handbag. The new Naledi Copenhagen clutch had space to her little notebook and pencil. The golden diamond bracelet on her left arm I still do not know the designer of. Sophisticated and a lovely look to represent Denmark in New York.

Scarf: C More than Cashmere Cashmere 215-2 Scarf in Stone DKK 1,500
Skirt: JOSEPH Dean Skirt
Clutch: Naledi Copenhagen Black Ostric Clutch 
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Gray Python Snake Court Shoe
Bag: Prada Saffiano Cuir Double Bag, Tan 
Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Bracelets: Marianne Dulong Pacific Bracelet DKK 3,400
Grand Pacific DKK 27,800 

Thank you so much to @MerckforMothers @mPoweringhealth @MarieStopes and all of our guests for an amazing event tonight...
Posted by Maternity Foundation on 27. september 2015

Afterwards she attend the #Generation2030: Torchbearers for SDB's and then the event Mobile Innovations for Maternal Health created by a Danish organization Maternal Foundation. The event talks about the use of mobile technology to save mothers' and infants' lives in developing countries. They have developed an app called The Safe Delivery App which was presented at the event. It is a tool to help birth attendants. At both meetings she held the opening speech.

Apparently Mary changed clothes since she arrived in the morning. I wasn't aware of that until Kate showed me pictures of her in a stunning bright red dress. A friend of hers suggested a Michael Kors dress in which I see a similarity with Mary's from the afternoon events. This is the first time I'm aware of her wearing that designer. To give the outfit a professional look she matched it with a black blazer, snake skin belt seen before and her SAND Copenhagen or Gianvito Rossi pumps. The earrings was the same such as the bracelets and Prada handbag. Orit Elhanati is the designer of her golden necklace around her neck.

Bag: Prada Saffiano Cuir Double Bag, Tan 
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace DKK 10,300
Bracelets: Marianne Dulong Pacific Bracelet DKK 3,400
Grand Pacific DKK 27,800 
Earrings: Marianne Dulong

Shoes: SAND Copenhagen
Gianvito Rossi Patent Leather Pumps €430

5 Years with Styleofmary!

Time is running so fast. I can't believe how fast everything goes. I have the feeling I started the blog a month ago and now five years are gone! Every day I'm so grateful for everything Styleofmary has given me; the most amazing friendships, the opportunity to work on a daily basis with something I love of all my heart. Through the blog I learn things every single day. Five years ago I never ever imagined that I would be able to create a blog like this and with success. All this is thanks to you! StyleofMary wouldn't have been the same without all of you. You give me the courage to keep on going even though it's hard sometimes with all the other royal blogs out there. Your support have brought me this far. When I first got the idea to create a blog about Crown Princess Mary, it was clear to me that I would create a space where to meet and share thoughts, opinions, ideas and of course  passion. My blog was not suppose to be like every other, I would like to give my readers a completely new and different experience visiting my site. I hope I have been able to actually do this. Any interact with you should be personal and individual. I've been so lucky to get to know many of you such as being a part of your life. What I want, is for you to enjoy Style of Mary. Let it be a place where you relax your mind with magnificent evening gowns, fantastic hairstyles, lovely pictures, royal history and share your thought about all this. I celebrate Styleofmary's fifth birthday with lots of pride and a large piece of cake! Sweet, sweet readers the only thing I wish this birthday is to share many more years with you. Thanks for all the amazing memories we have had together. Thanks for all you give me. Make it a wonderful day! <3

New Official Photos!

New official photos of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have been published, taken by the brilliant photographer Steen Evald. They were taken in the occasion of the Queen's 75th birthday in April and because Crown Prince Frederik was appointed rear admiral in the navy and Major General in the army and air force. You find them on Kongehuset's website.

Both are aging but beautifully and Mary in her bordeaux evening gown created by Birgit Hallstein wearing the Ruby parure she is absolutely dazzling. Every single year I think this couple looks better and better. They make a fantastic match, team and partners. Enjoy them and look at them just one more time if you already have seen them. I am simply amazed. What is your first thoughts on these new official photos? 

Birthday Party at Valdemar Slot

On the 19th of September 180 people were invited to Caroline Fleming's 40 years birthday par at Valdemar Castle on the island of Funen. The former Baroness had planned a fantastic evening for her guests who were invited to a birthday party with fairy tale as a theme, this means most of the guests were dressed wearing tiaras, angel wings and shimmering masks. When day become night, Valdemar Castle was transformed into a magical palace illuminated by candlelights and with light all over the house I'm sure everyone invited were ready to have a wonderful evening. Former Baroness Caroline Fleming is a popular woman and is a close friend of Mary's. According to several sources Mary did also attend the party as one of three royal guest. In the afternoon Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie arrived to Valdemar Castle in their black car, ready to take part in the party in the evening. A few pictures were taken of the couple and when the party began they were photographed outside the castle along with the birthday girl - Princess Marie in a black gown and black wings in contrast to many others who wore white angel wings. But still no pictures of our Crown Princess, then I assumed she might not be there anyway. Well, Caroline and Mary are really close friends so I think it would be a little odd if she wound't be at her 40 years birthday. After all it is a pretty special day. At the beginning of this week I read that Mary was present but wasn't photographed outside with Caroline as Marie and Joachim but still we had no prove she was there. Thanks to Kate we have! She send me a link to the Instagram profile of Caroline Fleming (why didn't I thought about that??!) and she has posted a picture of herself given a welcome speech to her guests and wupti, Mary is sitting only one chair from her. I see Mary looking great (!) with a sense of fairy tale make-up, beautifully. Pernille was actually able to identify the dress Mary was wearing at the birthday. It is a dress we have seen 11 years ago, yes you heard me, 11 years ago in a special and very romantic interview in Vogue. When you see the picture of her from the interview, do you recognize the dress? A stunning fairy tale gown! Not to mention how overwhelmingly the room was decorated with candles, special designed angel wings, red flowers, candelabras and branches. All this was done by Bjarne Als from Bering House of Flowers. I think he did an amazing job with the decorations. You see some photos below.

Et billede slået op af Pia Hallstrom (@piahallstromjewellery) den

The University Startup World Cup

Friday, September 18th

Congratulations to VesaliusMed who won the #Universityworldcup last night - and to our category winners: EasyBox,...
Posted by University Startup World Cup on 18. september 2015

Crown Princess Mary attended The University Startup World Cup in the House of Industry, Copenhagen.

What is The University Startup World Cup?
Here are the most promising students startups gathered in the world for an intense week of development and networking. This week is a great and very unique possibility to develop the idea such as doing some networking across the globe. The teams are also offered one year with the Booster Pack program that will help the teams move forward with their ideas. Read more here

After several intense days for the teams at the University Startup World Cup in Copenhagen the time has finally come for the winner to be found. Mary was invited to present the 1.prize at this special event which took place in the House of Industry. The University Startup World Cup is arranged by Non-profit organization Venture Cup who have dedicated their work to help university students with their projects and ideas. Over 40 teams with students from more than 24 countries were gathered at the event to share knowledge and the opportunity to build a very unique network of contact. Shortly after she arrived it was time to give her speech, where she praised all the fantastic and talented students, and then the presentation of the winner team was found.  She pointed out how important it is to take young people's ideas seriously, since many of them can be pioneers in their field. The silence was immediately gone when the winner had been found after Mary calmly had read the name - VesaliusMed LLC. The team from Stanford University in USA have my greatest wished and congratulations!
VesaliusMed LLC
They have developed a software that uses machine learning and data mining techniques to diagnose cancer bladder caner with a very high accuracy. To do a diagnose takes less than a minute for a single patient. Read much more about this magnificent project right here!

The four judges to find the winner were Stine Bosse, Johan Bülow, Søren Ejlersen and Nicolas Michaelsen. All four judges are important business people in Denmark and abroad. It is a part of the job as the Crown Princess of Denmark to present and hand over prizes such as all kind of awards but I think Mary enjoy these days. She always shows a sincerely joy. Mary gave the event a significant royal glow, which was held for the first time this year, but I'm pretty sure it's not the last University Startup World Cup we will hear about.

It does simply not get any more classic and stylish than a white suit! The business-looking Mary I really like. She has the perfect shape to wear a suit and the white colour for woman is the same to me as the black for men. Very edgy! The suit features some details I kinda like - the press button makes it look sharp and the white satin hemline on front gives the jacket something to look at. With this is just not a plain white suit. Many of you might think: "Hey this is a new suit!!" well, it's not. Back in 2012 she wore the same at a annual meeting with the Mary Foundation. At that time we only had a glimpse of the suit but I'm so sure it is the same. To this white outfits she chose brand new Gianvito Rossi pumps from his FW14/15 collection! In my imagination I would never have thought Mary would ever wear these. She keeps surprising me. Black as the pumps was her Carlend Copenhagen clutch.

The most exciting about the outfit was the two necklaces around her neck. Of course we know all about the Orit Elhanati necklace in gold but the other one... is a large medallion we have never seen before and is only mentioned once, last year in occasion of Frederik and Mary's 10th anniversary. On their 10th anniversary they were on a official visit to Poland where they also were celebrated with greetings  and a cake. That day Mary wore a very special, not to forget new, bracelet apparently given to her by Frederik as a anniversary gift. The bracelet consists of small medal shaped part of enamel which four of them showing the couple's children and their monogram in the middle. Two years before, in 2012, Mary celebrated her 40-years birthday on February 5th. In this occasion Frederik ordered a special gift, a unique medallion, created by the same goldsmith Ragnar R. Jørgensen. We have never seen this medallion till now! Because it was exactly this medallion Mary wore when she presented the University Startup World Cup prize a few days ago. On the front it features red enamel with the couple monogram in gold and the back is a argyle pattern in black enamel and diamonds (which we saw). I really want to thanks Kate because she told me all about this necklace! I enjoyed sharing it with you. Now I just hope I will be able to find a better picture of her wearing it to get a better look. 

Necklace w. medallion: Ragnar R. Jørgensen Unique Gold Medallion
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Bonnie Pump
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace DKK 10,300
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa DKK 8,500

Home Guard Field Exercise

Friday, September 18th
Photo @Hjemmeværnet

Crown Princess Mary participated in the Home Guard field exercise by Korselitze Mellemskov on Falster and Vordingborg.

While Frederik is in Nepal his wife was dressed in the home guards traditional green coloured uniform, Mary participated in a field exercise Svend Gønge with 500 other members. They practiced shooting and guarding. She started her day on the shooting range and after she participated in a guarding in Vordingborg where she was a part of the cohort. Without hesitation Mary faced ever challenge she was given as all the other voluntary Home Guard member. Mary joined the Home Guard back in 2008. In the end of the field exercise a special reward was handed over to her because she was promoted to first lieutenant. Major general Finn Winkler said about the Crown Princess' participants:

"The Home Guard is happy and proud of the Crown Princess' participation in this exercise. We greatly appreciate the recognition, Crown Princess once again shows the Home Guard, the volunteers and the tasks that they contribute to the Armed Forces and society. It was also a great honor to appoint Crown Princess lieutenant of the exercise" - Major General Finn Winkler/Hjemmeværnet
Photo @Hjemmeværnet
Photo @Hjemmeværnet
Photo @Hjemmeværnet
Photo @Hjemmeværnet
Photo @Hjemmeværnet

On Work in Aarhus

Wednesday, September 16th

At 11:15 pm. local time, Crown Princess Mary visited the University hospital in Aarhus with the Heart Association (Hjerteforeningen). A few hours later, 1:50 pm. local time, Crown Princess Mary were present at the opening of the international school Aarhus Academy for Global Education -AAGE- in Aarhus.

The AAGE - Aarhus Academy for Global Education
They provide a high quality international education values academic excellence and respect for all cultures. AAGE's education enable the students to become socially responsible citizens enthusiastic inquirers and lifelong leaders. Read more about the school here. 1

With a large smile on her lips Mary arrived to Aarhus for her visit at the University hospital as the patron of the Heart Association (Hjerteforeningen). Just as warm and smily as she was, she was met by const. chief physician Anne Kaltoft, staff and doctors at Aarhus University. Mary got the chance to talk and meet the departments "Heart disease" (Hjertesygdomme) and "Children's Department" (Børneafdelingen) and meet the children who are hospitalized with heart diseases. Tn addition to meeting the staff and the hospitalized children, Mary watched an heart operation of a 14 year old boy form an observation room. She showed great interest in everything she saw and all the stories she heard. Like always Mary took the time to see, met and talk to the children on the hospital eye to eye. The visit lasted more or less two and a half hour which is a rather long time for a royal visit. I love that she take the time to be present. She is aware how much a 'princess meeting' is to all these children. It is an experience of a lifetime. Among others she met Ann (11 years old) and Maja at 7 and with Mary in the middle, one girl in each hand a royal photo was taken to remember the special day.  

When the two and a half hour were gone Mary moved to the next: the opening of the Aarhus Academy for Global Education that opens new premises at Dalgas Avenue near Marselisborg Palace. Here she was welcomed by the Mayor in Aarhus Jacob Bundsgaard and rector of AAGE Charles C. Hanna such as students in all ages who were taken pictures of Her Royal Highness. Mary gave a speech and the some of the students sang a song written and dedicated to her. During her visit she was given a tour on the schools playground where she took the time to talk with four students with four different nationalities - Indian, Danish, American and Chinese. After a little chat it was time to leave Aarhus and for her to go back to Copenhagen. 

Dazzling in a bright pink Goat Fashion dress she amazed me. She was like a star dressed in pink! I'm really happy to see this dress again in a new combo with snake accessories and a wonderful cozy coat identified by Kate as Joseph! I have a thing with grey a coats therefor I'm in love. Autumn and winter  means long woolen coats and really grey and pink looks fantastic. She was glowing. You might remember the dress from when Mary attended the Day of Research 2015? I wonder how she manage to keep up the great work choosing her outfits that well? It like she never has a bad hair day or a bad clothes day. Mary always find the best and most magnificent trends, take them and wear them her way. Of course she wore her pink leather clutch from Carlend Copenhagen, a great choice! As I mentioned before she added snake print accessories to this colourful outfit. We know all about her pumps - python snake pumps from Christian Louboutin and than a little snake belt. Actually I've been looking forward to comment on her jewellery. The Orit Elhanati-necklace you know, she has worn it several times at different occasion. The large black pearl bracelet is a Marianne Dulong and overwhelming beautiful - it is incredibly beautiful needlework! I love when she wear this bracelet. Next to it Mary had added a golden diamond bracelet which I suggested a few weeks ago is from Danish jewellery brand Georg Jensen, well I'm still not completely sure. Then we have what I'm even more exited about the new (!) ring on her right hand! It features a black Tahitian pearls and to me it look like the white pearl ring from Marianne Dulong. That's why I'm sure this is from the same designer. Do you have a close up photo? 

Coat: Joseph Double Cashmere Oslo Coat €1,095
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa DKK 8,500
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace DKK 10,300
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Anello Pearl Bracelet DKK 36.900
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Magic in 18kt Gold DKK 69,000?
Ring: Marianne Dulong
Dress: Goat fashion Nesta Wool-Crepe Dress in Purple 

RC65 WHO Europe in Lithuania

Monday, September 14th

As patron of WHO, Crown Princess Mary attended the 65th session of the WHO European Regional Committee Meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania.

As patron of the World Health Organization (WHO) Europe, Crown Princess Mary was invited to this years RC65 WHO European Regional Committee Meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania. The primary role of WHO is to strengthen the national and local health care systems and improving people's health of the region. This task is a collaboration with governments, NGO such as other partners. The Crown Princess was invited as guest of honor and as key note speaker to open the session. Her impressive speech lasted about 12 minutes and is something you just have to read. I will talk more about the it a little later. The Crown Princess spoke to senior representatives of the 53 Member States of the WHO Europe, health ministers and several other stakeholders who were gather in Lithuania. The meeting is an annual event. The Crown Princess left after the first day, because she has another event to attend on September 15th in Denmark.
Standing in front of representatives from all over the world, her breathing was calm and well-balanced when she began her 12-minute speech. Usually, I don't read or listen to all her speeches, but in a way I was drawn to listen to this one. I'm both touched and impressed. She underlined all the essentials of why we need the work of WHO and how important it is for us to stay in good health just as we need to reduce poverty. She also pointed out why we need to help women and girl's to a better life and why this has her interest.

The importance of the meeting gave a few expectations when we talk about appearance and clothes. They discussed subjects that matters lives. In my opinion her outfit wasn't too laud. She was given a national attention as the Crown Princess of Denmark, not because of her clothes, which I really love about her. She knows that her job is more important than how she wears. She has to be dressed as patron of WHO Europe which requires a business look and no confusing prints, playful colours etc. A classy and well-dressed outfit is what she need. With help from some of my readers, I have been able to identify most of what she wore at yesterdays event. She was in a simple skater A-line dress in a navy blue colour, just like the wool poncho from GanniBeverley is the one to identify her new poncho. And Kate identified her brand new handbag as Hugo Boss. She accessorized the navy blue with bordeaux -a double buckled belt, her Hugo Boss handbag and Gianvito Rossi pumps. Mary topped the look with golden pearl earrings from Marianne Dulong and two gold bracelets from same designer. Orit Elhanati is the creator of the necklace.

Poncho: Ganni Woollen Scarves Poncho
Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Pacific Bracelet
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Grand Pacific Bracelet
Bag: Hugo Boss Mila-F in Bordeaux 

Old news: Picking up the kids

On September 2nd, Crown Princess Mary was spotted on her Cargo bike picking up Prince Vincent and Princess Isabella from kindergarden, here. It is not the first time she has been seen on her bike wondering around in Copenhagen. The reason why I think this specific photo has caught the world's attention might be her outfit -a brown leather skirt and blouse from Prada and leopard loafers. The same day she met the Danish recipients of the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship, here, which I assume is the reason for her choice of clothes. I wouldn't mind wearing this outfit myself.

Family gathering in Norway

Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit hosted a gathering this weekend on the island Tjøme south of Oslo, in their country house Mågerø with their two children Princess Ingrid Alexandra and Prince Sverre Magnus, here. Crown Princess Victoria and her daughter Princess Estelle attended from Sweden, Prince Guillaume and his wife Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy attended from Luxembourg and Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary with their four children attended from Denmark. I assume the Crown Prince family will be back in Denmark tomorrow, because the kids need to go to school tomorrow morning and the Crown Princess will attend the annual Regional Committee Meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania. 

Princess Isabella's poncho

As blogger I get the chance to corporate with the most sweet and loving people you can find on earth. It is always fantastic to share all of it with you. I have been so lucky to be contacted by several different companies, who want to share an idea with me. Only once I had to refuse. A few days ago I was contacted by an amazing woman from Norlie who we all know as the wonderful children's clothes Princess Isabella and her younger sister Princess Josephine are seen wearing. She kindly asked me if I would be interested in sharing a specific piece. This piece is a similar poncho to the one Princess Isabella wore last year on the family visit to Greenland, where Princess Josephine also wore a Norlie poncho in a lovely off-white colour. I'm so thrilled and honor to get this request that I simply decided to dedicate an entire post just with the purpose to tell you all about their new girls poncho, reproduced in the style of Princess Isabella's from the new AW15 collection. Apparently many of you, my wonderful readers, have shown an interest in the poncho at the time. Therefor I give you the opportunity, in collaboration with Norlie, to get your hands on it again. Thanks Norlie, for getting in touch with me and letting me show one of your beautiful products on the blog.

"Beautiful poncho in a soft knit fabric. The poncho has a turtleneck and opening to the arms at each side. At the top of the poncho is rib, and at the bottom a fine knitted pattern. 45% acrylic, 35% wool, 20% alpaca. Must be hand washed." Purchase, here

The best Danish CSR Reporting 2015

Monday, September 7th

Crown Princess Mary attended the FSR (Danish auditors awards) given to the Danish company with the best CSR reporting. The presentation took place at Børsen in Copenhagen.

Does everybody know what CSR is? -it stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and is a business initiatives which is characterized by the business to take greater social responsibility than the law requires. The initiatives takes care of stakeholders on areas like employees, community, customers etc. The Crown Princess was invited as guest of honor to attend the presentation of this years best Danish CSR reporting. Four winners were announced by the Crown Princess who had entered the stage in continuation of the presentation. This years winners are Nova Nordisk (medicine), Carlsberg (brewery), Mærsk Drilling (oil platforms) and Palsgaard (daily products). Congratulations to all four of them and the best of luck in the future getting even better results. The Crown Princess was in a really great mood during the day at Børsen in Copenhagen. She was one big smile and seemed to have been looking forward to the presentation.

I have to admit when I first saw her outfit from yesterday's event at Børsen, I was not that overwhelmed by what I saw. Now a day later with more photos, I have become pretty much in love with what she wore. Mary was wearing a white silk blouse from Prada with the well-known paisley printed JOSEPH skirt. We are so lucky to have a little summer left in Denmark and I wouldn't mind wearing this outfit, enjoying the sun. All the different shades of blue kinda makes me happy. The reason why I like this outfit so much, is because of all the stunning accessories. I often have a hard time finding the right ones. There are really many different combinations how to mix and match accessories with the rest of your look. What I've learned is -less is more. Sometimes a single piece of jewellery and a bag is just fine. Mary knows exactly how to wear several pieces without looking overdressed. I admit it: I haven't found the trick yet. Let's take it from the top. All along I was sure that her new round earrings were from Jewlscph and then Kate found what I also believe is the right model. Kate also identified the two golden bracelets as Marianne Dulong. Then we have the ring. I can't tell how many times she has worn it, but I still haven't got a clue where it is from. The twisted golden necklace is Orit Elhanati. I will not talk a lot about the pumps we all know they are from Gianvito Rossi. The clutch is way more interesting. It has taken me so long to identify where it is from. It's with help from Pernille I am finally able to tell you that Quidam is the designer. It is not the first time she wears the clutch. A lovely outfit for everyday use. 

Blouse: Prada Pleated Blouse
Clutch: Quidam Clutch in Grey
Skirt: JOSEPH Dean Skirt
Earrings: Jewlscph Big Rounds
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Pacific Bracelet
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Grand Pacific
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Gray Python Skin Court Shoe

The Crown Princess Mary obsession #7

I realized it has been a while since my last Crown Princess Mary obsession-post and I still got a few left to share with you. Remember, you are always welcome to write your story to me. I would love to be the one to share it.

It is an honor for me to write this post because the woman has become a very good friends of mine. We have shared so much the past three years. We have had so much fun identifying Mary's clothes and accessories. She is just a very special woman. This woman is about to be married next year on the date of May 14th -yes the same day as Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. How crazy is that? I'm so lucky to follow the preparing and she is going to be a true princess. She is Lurdes and is the owner of Tesouras & Tiaras which have become a great success. All of this and much more she will be talking about on her own right below. 

"Well, I'm a huge fan of royalty since I can remember. There have always been magazines and books on the subject in my house and my mother also loves to know the latest news related to the crowned heads of the world." Is there any better way to start? I don't think so. Lurdes always has an answer when you ask her about royalty. She follows, by her blog Tesouras & Tiaras and Facebook page with the same name, the worlds royals. You can ask her about anything that's on your mind and she will be able to give your an answer or find one.

Any reason why you in the first place chose to follow Crown Princess Mary?
"In my opinion she is one of the working royals on the job." Lurdes especially admire her work with the Mary Foundation: "I find her action on Mary Fonden remarkable. Her job and service on Women's rights and War refugees is something to learn and admire. And that's exactly what a royal position should allow. For someone to get the opportunity to be heard, to be known and do something, give some hope to any society and culture." The royal's work is something Tesource & Tiaras write a lot about, but there are also space to: "... truly love her beautiful family, and her fashion sense!"

How her fascination of Mary began is not clear, but: "I remember seeing some pictures of her when she started dating Frederik and I remember admiring her normal woman's look. When the engagement was announced, the interest increased." Mary caught everybody's attention very quickly, even when she was just a normal woman living in Australia. There is just something special about her.

Please, tell us about your Mary-hobby?
"It started early, when she got married." "In Portugal," where Lurdes live " from Denmark were rare at the time and the internet was not accessible to as it is now. An interesting fact is that Mary and Frederik married the day before my older sister and I was not able to follow their marriage with attention, nor how to do it. But I bought the HOLA edition with the event coverage." A thing Lurdes remember from the wedding is Mary's wedding gown, how different it was: "... I remember thinking that Mary's  dress was the most different royal gown I have memory. Still is." "When I try to imagine my style, and find some one to inspire me, that person is Mary!"

Lurdes entered the University and for her it became easier to follow Mary's footsteps during her official life: "She quickly became my favorite princess in beautify, style and work." "I can't say I'm obsessed with her, but let's say I see her as an excellent representative of the institution in which she operates, and as one of the most elegant women of the royalty world." 

"No better hat, clutch & gloves match!" according to Lurdes

Would you like to tell a little more about your own blog?
"My interest in royalty made me in 2012 started my blog Tesouras & Tiaras, which came to join my community on Facebook under the same name. One of the first posts I did, was actually about by admiration for Mary." "I never hide my admiration for Denmark's future Queen on my posts."

"My favourite new year gala look is from 2012"

All this royal stuff, does it makes you a little crazy in the eyes of your loved ones?
I love how she describe how her boyfriend thinks about her. When you are as.. passionated about something like the royals, it takes a little conviction to convince everybody else about your hobby. Lurdes said: "Oh, yes!!! My boyfriend knows I love 'the Danish sweethearts' as he thinks I call to Fred and Mary (and I do!). And he thinks really funny and different my taste on the subject. My family and friends know I'm the right source to know anything about royals. My mother stopped to buy magazines and sometimes when I try to find THAT dress or THAT coat with Henriette..." (well that's me!) "... that's when they know I'm CRAZY. Glad I am not alone and I love myself for that. So do they!" I know this feeling so well, it took me about two or three years to tell my family about how serious my blog-thing is. Then I started working at Royalista and suddenly everyone knew. Still, I have the feeling that my family thinks I'm a bit crazy. Here, me and Lurdes are pretty much the same. For her to embrace her passion for royals I admire -she loves what she do and do what she loves!

What's the next thing you are going to do? -besides getting married the same day as her ;)
"I find it weird when people buy something just because a specific lady wore the same. Well, if she has the same taste as you, no problem. But it's not exactly my thing. I prefer to see a movie or maybe read a book about her. Or, in my case, write about her. Yes, I intend to keep writing a lot about Mary!" The best thing to know for all of us who love the royal. "I think Mary is one of the most engaged princesses of our time. Her work is fantastic. Despite that she's elegant, a loving mother of four and a pretty much in love wife!"

The Carlsbergs Research Awards 2015

September, Wednesday 2nd

Crown Princess Mary attended a gala dinner and the handing over ceremony of the Carlsberg Foundation Research awards 2015 at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen.

The Carlsberg Foundation supports basic research at a high international level in social sciences, humanities and science. Glamorous as she is, the Crown Princess arrived to Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen. She was invited to hand over the two prestigious Carlsberg Foundation Research Awards 2015 and to attend a gala dinner afterwards. The awards were given to two renowned researchers who have contributed outstanding research within anthropology and biology such as physics and chemistry. The first award winner is Professor MSO Andreas Roepstorff, who is the head of the research center Interacting Minds at Aarhus University. He received his award for the research in human culture and biology. The second is Professor, DSc. Kehlet Nørskov from Stanford University, USA who received the award for his contribution to the theoretical descriptions of surface physics and chemistry, catalysts, materials, nano structures and biomolecules. I'm amazed that such things even exist! I am sure these two have received the award for all their incredible work to improve the knowledge about areas like biology and physics. Their research finding's are very important to the world. They both deserve the recognition. I'm deeply impressed. Congratulations to both of them

Mary shone like a diamond. A bright pink diamond, when she attended the evening in her stunning Valentino dress featuring lace and pleated details. The first time she wore the dress I fell in love with it. Hoped to get to see it again and we did today. She wore it last year at a beautiful wedding between Søren Jessen and Flora Montgomery in Northern Ireland, here. When Mary was about to give her speech, the laud applause made her smile and with these words: "I haven't even said anything yet" she began her speech. To match the magnificent Valentino dress Mary wore glittering pumps from Gianvito Rossi and an Annikat silver cuff featuring diamonds. Two of the three diamond rings on her right hand are from Ole Lynggard Copenhagen. I really love to see some of these accessories again. Every time she wears them she convince me to wear my own clothes and accessories more often, new ways. This is why I think so many women are impressed by her style, why they adore it so much. The light natural make up and the nude nail polish were a great match to the rest of her outfit. About a week ago Mary had her hair cut a few centimeters and now it's very clear that her hair has become a bit shorter. It was done in a half up do. As the Disney princess she is, Mary chose to wear the most dazzling long earrings featuring diamonds such as powder pink jewellery stones. To complete the looks she wore a pink clutch we have seen multiple times before at several occasions, but still it is without a designer. 

Bracelet: Annikat Wing Cuff
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring in White Gold
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands in White Gold
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Glitter Pumps

Receiving Crown Princess Mary Scholarship 2015 winners

September, Wednesday 2th

Crown Princess Mary met the Danish recipients of the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship in Frederik VIII's Palace, Amalienborg.

The scholarship was established back in 2004, the same year as Frederik and Mary got married, and was a gift from the University of Copenhagen to the couple. It is given to two Australian students who have been nominated by universities and chosen by the Danish scholarship committee and award awarded the scholarship which also are given to Danish students. The Crown Princess welcomed all 9 recipients and UTAS Vice-Chancellor and Professor Peter Rathjen from University of Tasmania in the Fanegemakket (a room in Frederik VIII's Palace). After the warmhearted welcoming, a picture was taken of them all gathered to remember the day. Then there were all invited to a reception in the Tapestry hall. I find it a little odd that this meeting with the Danish recipients are so "secret". Why aren't the press allowed to be there? When the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship are given to the two Australian students it's much more official. Well, we can't do a thing about it.

With only very few pictures I thought it would be way too complicated to find out what she was wearing. But actually it was not that difficult. At first I was sure she wore a dress, but with a little help from Sarah and another good friend of mine, I now know she's wearing a Prada skirt and blouse. When I searched for an ID. I thought about Prada and looked, but I didn't find a thing. The brown leather details are pretty significant for Prada's new collection. Seen on dresses, blouses and skirts. I ask for your help to find her new blouse. Heaven found a similar model, just as a dress. She's wearing her Anni Lu and Charlotte Wæhrens bracelets and very likely also the Orit Elhanati necklace. Notice her hair; when she handed over the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship in 2007 she had more or less the same length. I like her with this hairstyle, it makes me think that maybe I should try the same length? The brown leather pumps I haven't been able to identify, but I am pretty sure she has worn them several times before. I really need all the help I get. So, don't hesitate if you have an idea about anything of what she's wearing. 

Blouse: Prada Navy Blue Dress Leather Details (similar model)
Skirt: Prada 3/4 Length Skirt
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Bracelets: Anni Lu Mess Army Bracelet 
Bracelet: Anni Lu Fun Bracelet Army
Bracelet: Charlotte Wæhrens Rainbow Bracelet w. Saphires