How to reuse your wardrobe like Mary

Years ago when I started 'Style of Mary' I spend a lot of time sharing pictures of when and where the Crown Princess had worn her clothes, accessories etc. before, in case of reused pieces. It is something I have not been doing for years. With the rather limited range of pictures available, I have had a hard time making these posts. Now, I faced the challenge and this is what I ended up with. Crown Princess Mary is by no doubt my biggest source of inspiration, also when it comes to how to reuse clothes and accessories even down to hairstyles and makeup. So, meanwhile the Crown Prince couple and all four children enjoy their vacation at Gråsten castle, here, I think time is up for you to get inspired by the Crown Princess and her reuse outfits.


  1. I adore all, expect the outfit of fiançailles, clothes and shoes.
    My prefered : dress of first photo, hat of third photo and outfit of ninth photo

    1. Unfortunately, I am not able to share all the times when the Crown Princess has worn these different pieces. But I still hope you feel inspired!

  2. I understand why she is my style icon....