1. Crown Princess Mary always plays up her best feature, her eyes. Her eye makeup emphasizes her eyes-framing them with dark brows, dark shadows at the outer third of her lid; lighter towards the middle and inner third. She also uses eyeliner to do the same and further frames them with perfectly shaped and darkened brows and finally false lashes. Of course, she does many variation of this from wearing blusher only on the apples of her cheeks to carrying it up the hair line up to the top of her forehead. The look is so subtle during the day with pale pink lips, with a variation of that as well. For night time a darker variation with far more shading and emphasis using the whole cheek bone and darker lips. I also love that she uses color on her eyes-dark plum and blue sometimes.

    1. Mary's eyes is just so beautiful and the way her eye-makeup is always perfectly matched to her outfit is incredible. Despite we often get to see her with similar makeup, she always looks her best. The pale pink lipgloss is perfect for her because is makes her rather thin lips look a little bigger and at the same time it's a fantastic way to balance eyes and lips. To me she is always a great inspiration also when we talk makeup. If we should learn (one more) thing from Mary, then I think it should be: learn a little about what makeup that suits you. With a few tricks you can looks as beautifully as she does :)